What DJ’s Play: Foreign Concept

Drum & bass wouldn’t have spent over two decades soundtracking club basements across the UK (and beyond) if not for artists like Foreign Concept forever dedicated to redefining the genre. Having first hit the speakers in 2009 the producer has since made Kasra’s Critical Recordings his home, representing his south London roots by fusing dub, ragga and dancehall with bass-heavy DnB designed to test the structural integrity of any sound-system. Andy C, Breakage, Friction and Hype to name a few have long-represented the good name Foreign Concept in their DJ sets, while the man himself continues to build his name at the forefront of DnB’s next wave.

Foreign Concept has long showcased a musical knowledge far beyond the world of DnB, taking influence in everything from soul to ambient electronica in his productions. As he prepares himself to join TQD, Elijah & Skilliam, Dub Phizix & Strategy and a host of bass-heavy generals this Friday at Motion (6th October), Foreign Concept gives us an insight into how far his musical inspirations stretch beyond the realm of drum & bass. Psychedelic funk from America’s dirty south, soundtracks to cult TV shows and haunting modern soul from Oldham all lie within his virtual record bag, so take five minutes out from your day and delve in.

Bou – Poison

I found this guy on Soundcloud and managed to hit him to grab this record. It’s got that instantly recogniseable, classic LL Cool J sample which Zinc used in the record ‘Super Sharp Shooter’, and then out of nowhere this guy starts shouting “POISON”. It’s a proper fun, new age Jump Up done properly. Kicks off in the club. Naughty stuff!

The Blaze – Territory

This is hands down one of the best music videos I’ve seen in years. These guys are a Parisian duo who both write the music and direct all their own videos, so there’s this distinct harmony between the two. This one even won an award at Cannes this year…

Magic in Threes – At Jody’s

I discovered these guys via [UK hip-hop producer and rapper] Lewis Parker. Magic in Threes are a great hip-hop/funk band from Tennessee, and this is taken from their album ‘3’ that came out last year and is definitely the stand-out track for me. It’s proper baby making music.

Blonde Redhead – For the Damaged Coda

I heard this at the end of one of the recent episodes of Rick and Morty and managed to track it down. I love the vocal riff, it’s so haunting and creepy, perfect for evil Morty.

Jordan Max – Hell

Mark, a mate of mine from back in the school days, is managing this guy and put me on to him. He’s from Oldham and about to drop his next EP which is sounding great. I can imagine this one getting used on a film soundtrack sometime in the future…