What DJ’s Play: Fred V & Grafix

The rolling hills of Devon may not exactly be known for its influence on modern electronic music. It’s not the home of trip-hop, nor did it bear witness to acid-house, but within the world of drum & bass it gave us two of its brightest stars: Fred V & Grafix. Signed to Hospital Records Fred V & Grafix have made waves within club basements and festival stages alike since they first rose to prominence in 2009, injecting a dose of funk and soul into records that play at 170BPM.

Few can claim to have had such an impact on modern drum & bass than the partnership of Fred V & Grafix. And arguably, even less have done more to usher DnB into the wider conscious like FVG have. They keep one foot in the mainstream, welcoming regular plays on BBC Radio 1 and chart success, while devoting their sound to the underground. They’ve turned records from Rudimental, Emili Sandé, Ed Sheeran and Skepta into drum & bass anthems while still staying true to their roots. So before Hospital get In:Motion on 14th October, bringing High Contrast, Danny Byrd, Bristol’s own Hugh Hardie, Fabio & Grooverider and many more along for the ride, Fred V & Grafix look back over their career and present to us a selection of their greatest remixes.

Madeon – Icarus – Fred V & Grafix Remix

This was one of our first remixes and actually originated as a bootleg. I’m not actually sure how it happened, but it got played on daytime BBC Radio 1 when we’d only sent it to about 3 people! I think Crissy Criss’s producer sent it to Fearne Cotton who played it. It came on the radio when we were driving to uni one day, completely out of the blue. Madeon’s manager then hit us up asking to release it, and of course we said yes! I love the original too, it’s extremely funky.

Sub Focus – Endorphins – Sub Focus Vs Fred V & Grafix Remix

This was another remix we made fairly early on in our career. After we handed in what we thought was the final version, Nick asked us if we could turn it into a collab. He basically took our original mix and made the mixdown way better. This always brings a nice singalong moment in our sets!

Secondcity Feat. Ali Love – What Can I Do – Fred V & Grafix Remix

This was a nice quick one to do. We loved the musical elements in the original tune and didn’t want to change them that much, so basically we just sped the tune up and added some FVG drums. The funky guitar completes it nicely too!

Mat Zo – The Enemy – Fred V & Grafix Remix

Mat Zo is one of our favourite producers, so this one was a bit of an honour. We kept a lot of the vibe of the original tune but added a bunch of FVG funk elements.

Camo & Krooked – Slow Down – Fred V & Grafix Remix

This isn’t out just yet, but we’ve remixed one of our favourite tunes from the new Camo & Krooked album. Remixing another drum & bass artist is usually a bit of a challenge, so we picked one of the non-dnb tunes on the album to remix. It was a bit of a struggle to get the vocal to fit in and a lot of the time with drum & bass it’s hard knowing if the vocal should be sped up or slowed down to fit the tempo. In this case, we slowed it down and built a new tune around it. The guitar was very much inspired by Tom Misch.