Homegrown: James Dyer

Although summer may be coming to a close we can be thankful that the sunkissed, balearic inclinations of James Dyer will be taking us through the winter months at In:Motion. A firm Bristol favourite and regular DJ heard across the city, Dyer’s esoteric selections have matured through years and years of record digging.

Shows at Love International, London’s XOYO, Secret Garden Party and many more have only cemented his ability behind the decks, but for those poor uninitiated souls who haven’t witnessed him in action, check out what he’s all about down below.

What’s your name, what do you do and how do you do it?

My name is James Dyer, I play tribal dance rhythms to provoke transcendent dance floor ecstacy.

Where was your very first gig, and do you have any funny or memorable stories from that night?

51.27 at The Croft with Leon Vynehall and Donga. The promotor definitely didn’t know it was my first gig as that was a complete blag.

Can you remember your first clubbing experience, and how did that shape what you do today?

Just Jack, back when it was at Dojos, was my first ‘clubbing’ experience. I was probably about 16, didn’t have a clue what was going on but definitely knew I liked it. Not a bad introduction to house music.

How did you first get into clubbing, and what producers and DJs inspired you in those early years?

I delved straight into club culture fresh faced and full of beans as soon as I was old enough to be let in. Nights like Futureboogie, Just Jack and Dirtytalk were consistently flying the flag for great underground music within the city and definitely helped shape my taste for sure.

How did you come into DJing? And how has your love of the music matured and developed over the years?

It was a pretty natural progression from playing drums in various projects and studying music, and as soon as I was old enough I was playing in clubs. I put in a fair shift playing to empty backrooms and to particularly abominable student crowds. From there I started buying better records and therefore started playing better parties.

Now, I have a new series of events I’m starting later this year which Is something I’ve been planning to do for some time and am pretty excited about.

In your opinion, what does Bristol do differently to any other city in the UK?

Being a relatively small city the community spirit definitely translates in the music scene. Artists and promoters helping and supporting each other brings a really healthy dynamic. I feel this is lost to a more competitive nature in other cities.

What tracks are you most looking forward to spinning throughout the In:Motion season and why?

Simple Symmetry have definitely got me dancing recently, so maybe something by them.

What have been some of your standout moments from In:Motion in the past?

The first New Years day event at motion definitely stands out, back when you had sofas in the main room. Henrik Schwarz live circa 2011, Dixon circa 2013, Daniel Avery and Andrew Weatherall circa 2013, the list is endless. Looking forward to the opening party out in the lock yard with Gideon and Horse Meat Disco it’s a guaranteed good time I’d say.

What’s been the strangest experience you’ve ever had while clubbing?

Hmm, I had a charming encounter with the Berghain piss pig not so long ago. I think you would class that as slightly strange.

Can you pick five records that define your DJing?

Wouldn’t say these records necessarily define me as a DJ but here are some favourites:

The Pool – Dance It Down

Karma – Beach Towel (I:Cube Cosmix Marathon Remix)

Chip E – Like This

Trevino – Backtracking

Burnin Beat – Searchin