Reload: La Fleur

For anyone who’s ever made an annual pilgrimage to the European home of techno, Berlin, then your 15 hour Saturday night marathon will have undoubtedly been soundtracked by the tectonic beat of La Fleur. Over the past few years the Swedish-born, Berlin-based DJ and producer has gone from a life as a pharmacist to becoming a resident at the famed Watergate club, remixing Kerri Chandler and Sasha along the way and being crowned Mixmag’s Breakthrough DJ Award for 2017.

Often, it’s just one track that can change everything, so where did it all change for the Power Plant records boss La Fleur? With a discarded cassette, of course, so as part of our new series Reload we sit down with La Fleur to hear all about the track that changed her life.

What is the one record that changed your life and why?

Antiloop – In My Mind

Where were you when you first heard it?

Me and my best friend were walking her family’s dalmatian dogs in a little forest patch close to her house when we found a tape cassette. It didn’t have a cover or case, just the cassette. We were both hardcore into indie rock and pop, and we also saw ourselves as kind of connoisseurs of good music [laughs]. This was also a period where some weekends we would pre-party at her Grandparents apartment when they were out of town.

We weren’t connoisseurs when it came to the drinks so we sat down with a vodka and orange juice at her Grandparents kitchen table and pressed play, excited to find out what was on the tape. It was something we never heard before, and one track stood out. We rewound and replayed that track several times every single time we listened to the tape – it was Antiloop ‘In My Mind’. This tape and track became our little secret, our guilty pleasure in our indie pop world and we loved it.

Why was it so different to you at the time? Why did it stand out?

It was something I hadn’t heard before. I was very much into discovering and finding new music within indie rock and pop, but this was something new and exciting. Even if this was as close as I got to trance it was harder, faster, a different beat and build that opened me up to something new.

How has it influenced what you do today?

This track is so special to me today and I still think it’s a killer track. The fact that Antiloop are Swedish makes the connection even cooler, and I still do have a weak point for trance melodies!

La Fleur’s collaboration with Sasha ‘Förbindelse’ is out now on Last Night On Earth.