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It seems to be something we say each year, however this year has undoubtedly been another extremely succcessful and significant one for Solardo.

Building upon last year’s vast show count, 2019 has seen the duo set a new record for club attendance in Ibiza, release a fresh wave of popular tracks on their Solä label, and create a party anthem in the form of their track ‘XTC’.

Before they take centre stage at Motion on 6th December, we caught up with the two of them to discuss some of their recent exploits including: their Ibiza residency, the inspiration behind their universal hit ‘XTC’, upcoming tunes and who to watch out for in 2020.

It’s been a big year for the two of you for a multitude of reasons, but let’s start with your BODYWORKS residency at Hi Ibiza. Can you describe how you felt after securing this residency, and pick out your highlight during BODYWORKS? 

We did the club room last year at Hi with Eric Prydz & CamelPhat in the theatre and we really made that our own. With tech house being such a dominant force nowadays, it made sense for us to continue to build on what we had last year so we came together and created BODYWORKS. It just clicks you know, with us, CamelPhat and FISHER we feel like we’re all very accessible to a lot of different people with our own individual sounds. We couldn’t of hoped for a better season to be honest, it’s been incredible week in week out it’s been absolutely buzzing, we got told around 90,000 people through the doors in total! Highlight… probably for us it’s got go be the closing, we played 4hrs b2b with the Camels and I think we broke the attendance record at the club! 

You’re running your night HIGHER this year. Tell us more about the concept behind HIGHER and what we can expect during its Bristol debut.

It’s something we launched at the back end of 2018 with sold out shows in London, Manchester and Leeds. We’re doing London again this year but really wanted to add Bristol in there too as it’s such a mint place to come and play and one of the best places to party no doubt. The idea behind it is quite simple really, taking you to a higher state of consciousness.  

You’ve played a lot of festivals this summer too, including Creamfields where we saw you pull in a huge crowd. Which has been your favourite festival this year and why?

It’s a tough one as we’ve played so many amazing festivals this year in particular, I think we’ve done over 30 and still counting which is the most we’ve ever done in a year. Parklife was mint as that’s our hometown and is always just a mad party, we did Ultra in Miami for the first time too which again was an incredible experience but for us, I think it would have to be Creamfields. That place is so special man, 15,000 people joined us in The Steelyard and it’s not often you feel energy quite like that, so we’d have to say that. 

Your track XTC which saw you collaborate with rising star Eli Brown has enjoyed huge success. XTC had a slightly more old school vibe to it, with classic rave elements and high-energy percussive breakdowns. Tell us a bit about how that track came to be and how it’s been received on the dancefloor.

So with Eli Brown, we’re originally mates and we’ve also got the same management. We’ve been exchanging tunes and ideas for a while now. Eli is a wicked producer, we’ve signed a bunch of his tunes to our label Sola previously. But with XTC, he sent me this idea he’d been working on and it had this one riff, which was the riff for XTC. We loved it and immediately felt a connection with it. I told him there’s more we can do with it so he sent me the parts and we built around the riff to make it what it was. The reaction has been incredible, literally. It’s being hailed as one of the tunes of the summer in Ibiza and it just got bigger and bigger, was mental hearing it everywhere and all over BBC Radio 1 and the likes of Carl Cox, Calvin Harris all smashing it out wherever they were playing. Rumour has it we’re working on XTC 2.0… watch this space. 

What can we expect to hear from you in your upcoming tracks? A similar sound to XTC or a change in musical direction?

We always try and create a lot of energy within our tunes, similar to our DJ sets. Bouncy energetic tech house with catchy riffs and vocals, a lot of our most well known tunes we’ve always used a catchy hook which has always been a success for us. Our next release is a little different to XTC, a collab with Marshall Jefferson – classic piano feel good house and it’s been going off wherever we’ve played it! 

You’ve worked with a lot of the biggest names in the scene recently, who has been your favourite artist to collaborate with and why? And is there anyone you’re eager to work with in the future?

Well we’re really good mates with CamelPhat, we’ve worked together on quite a few bits including our track Accelerator which we released towards the back end of last year. But we really enjoyed the process of working with Eli Brown, he’s a sick producer and we just get on really well especially in the studio, everything’s quite an easy process and that helps the creativity process. We’d love to be able to something with The Chemical Brothers or The Prodigy, they’re real idols for us. 

Playing b2b with another DJ it’s clearly important to complement each other and work well together. This is something which the two of you obviously do really well, but did it take long for you two to get an understanding of each other’s styles and work well together live?

Not really, if you’re into the same music it’s quite easy as you get a feel for how the other one plays. We don’t really plan sets either but if we feel like changing direction half way through we’ll usually have a chat and plan a couple of tunes in advance. Or If we’re going b2b with another person, sometimes we’ll reach out in advance and swap tunes etc etc. 

Which artists should be looking out for in 2020?

SOSA 100%. We’ve been battering his tunes all over this summer and they have been going OFF. So much so we signed a bunch to our label Sola. Keep an eye on him, predicting big things! 

Where’s the afterparty on 6thDecember?

We’re guessing some packed out student’s gaff!  


Solardo return to Motion on 6th December with their show ‘HIGHER’, featuring a line up of certified party starters including Heidi, Chris Lake and Black Girl/White Girl. Don’t miss out on your chance to see Solardo and experience their high-energy performance in person yourself before tickets sell out.

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