One of the UK’s finest nomadic parties invite one of its finest exports to head their entry in this year’s Motion series. Bicep are world-renowned dancefloor conductors, with avid fans from Australia to South America. Their upcoming release on Ninja Tune has everyone salivating in anticipation, and their behemoth of a live show is set to lay waste to whatever venue is hosting them. We’re delighted to be able to do that in Bristol.

It doesn’t let up as you go down the bill either. Leon Vynehall comes at it through his shiny lens of disco and hip-hop electro, while ItaloJohnson unsurprisingly nod to Italy and a rave sensibility. Krywald & Farrer, Percolate’s long-time residents, turn out their unparalleled nous for a warm up.

Mano Le Tough’s commitment to the art of DJing have drawn comparisons to Innervisions royalty like Dixon and Ame, while these days most consider him in that bracket himself. In Avalon Emerson, he is joined by one of the most in-demand DJs on the circuit, the Californian getting props the world over for her sets unbound by genre and peppered with her own playful edits. With Gerd Jansen also turning out a set in his idiosyncratic style, Percolate have pulled off one of the finest line-ups of the series, without doubt.