Just Jack Halloween

Bristol’s premier peddlers of critical house and techno are back for their annual Halloween extravaganza, bringing a finely honed selection of sounds from the upbeat and funky to the dark and intense, played by some of the finest in the field.

DJ Harvey is the perfect choice to hold reign Room 1 for the entire night, not least when everyone’s geared up for a particularly freaky night of it. The cult hero of decadent disco’s recent resurgence has seen him reaching a whole new level of infamy in all corners of the party circuit, from holding down intimate parties in Ibiza to shaking Output in New York down to its foundations.

Steffi and Virginia are both intrinsically linked to Berlin institutions Berghain and Panorama Bar, and as a pair they spar off each other to deliver the kind of life-affirming house and techno that will keep you locked in their groove for weeks afterwards. The Just Jack crew have given them full run of Room 2 to push their selections into thrilling, unpredictable territory.

Rounding out this feast of high grade house and techno are Young Marco and Interstellar Funk, who preside over Room 3 with the opportunity to play a more leftfield selection of grooves from hidden corners of dance music culture. With the Just Jack residents Tom Rio and Dan Wild on hand to round the party out like only they know how, it promises to be another fantastic trip to the far side.