Save Bristol Nightlife

Save Bristol Nightlife is a campaign to save, protect and promote Bristol’s nightlife and the culture, creativity and communities that go with it and to promote a vision of Bristol as a 24 hour city. It is about people and places. It is about Bristol’s people as participants, not just ‘punters’. It is about supporting our music venues. It is about advocating for the night time economy when it comes to planning the future of our city. It is about waking up the powers that be to the importance of Bristol’s music and nightlife culture in terms of the city’s national and international profile. It is about honouring Bristol’s musical heritage and contribution to the UK’s cultural life and to the economy.

Bristol Zero Tolerance

Bristol Zero Tolerance is a new initiative working towards Bristol becoming a city free from gender-based violence, abuse, harassment and exploitation. Bristol is the first city in England to take on this challenge and the hope is that it will inspire other cities to implement similar initiatives. This is not a female only issue: gender-based violence affects all genders and can affect anyone regardless of their background.

Night Time Industries Association

#Savenightlife is a grassroots nationwide movement supported by record labels, agencies, promoters and the public. Promoting nightculture, raising awareness, and building a collective of supporters across the country.

British nightlife is under threat. Increasingly strict licensing laws, rising property prices, new housing built close to existing venues without sufficient consideration and measures to protect premises, and a lack of understanding about the benefits of night culture have all played their part in eroding our nightlife. The statistics tell the same story: in the last decade, the number of UK clubs and live music venues has almost halved.

Bristol Drugs Project

With over 30 years’ experience providing a free and confidential service, Bristol Drugs Project have the expert knowledge to support you, whether you are looking for help for yourself or someone you care about. Alcohol and drug problems damage individuals, families and communities. BDP is reducing harm, promoting change, challenging prejudices and maximising people’s potentials.

Elevator Sound

Specialised independant music store run by producers for producers. Supplying all the latest electronic music hardware & software offering the best in dj gear,studio & production equipment for music producers at all levels of technical knowledge.